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In 10 short weeks you can leave the overwhelm behind and embrace your new life filled with peace, hope and love

When is the last time you felt hopeful anticipation about your future?

Or that you were able to live your day on your own terms without your loved one with a mental illness diagnosis impacting every aspect of it?There’s a way to live a life you are excited for and can look forward to!

Hi I’m Jo,

I am both the person who has loved multiple people with different mental illness diagnosis as well as the loved one with a diagnosis myself, so I have a unique perspective that allows me the sensitivity necessary to help those suffering in a relationship with someone with a mental illness diagnosis. It’s become my mission to be an advocate for and empower them to see that a peaceful, inspiring life is absolutely possible, even in the midst of the relationship.

Emerge from the chaos and overwhelm of your relationship with someone who has an addiction or has been diagnosed with a mental illness, by embracing a new perspective and connecting to your own desires, so you can rediscover a joy for living

Jo has an energy that is unmatched! I was able to develop goals, step outside of my comfort zone and accomplish so much thanks to all her advice and support.”

- Jessica L.

The Thistle Coaching 10-week program will deliver tangible, step-by-step tools that bring real life opportunities for a new perspective, while guiding you into a solid direction for future relationships filled with joy.

The program includes:


A series of resource videos will direct, encourage and motivate you to move toward the life you want with intentional direction.


Our support community is a great way to connect and receive the encouragement you need to start living a life you are proud of and embrace relationships in a healthy, joyful way.


You’ll work with me, one-on-one to receive direction and reset strategies to keep your life going the way you choose without reliving your past over and over.


Used as a type of video walkie-talkie, this useful app will allow us to stay connected by sending short video messages back and forth to each other.


Specific processes and tools will give you structure and bring relief from the cycle of confusion, shame, anger and self doubt of an entangled relationship. With practice, you will soon be able to stop repeating past conflicts and hardships.

Jo has energy, creativity, vivacity, and a heart for healing, plus a knowledge base that turns philosophy into practical solutions.

-Tiffany W.

Are you living to just survive or thrive?

Taking action to establish a life of your own is the way to ultimate freedom and fulfillment.

Jo genuinely helped me through some of the hardest times in my life, without her I’m not sure where my family or I would be today.

-Stacey W.

Reconnect to your own desires and discover a joy for living

Thistle Coaching 10-Week Program








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